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The Brahma and Cochin Club of Australia

Photo Gallery of older pre-importation Australian and NZ birds

Victoria's Brahma Victoria's Brahma Blue Light cockerels and Gold Laced pullet 85469450 Under feather of Silver Crele cockerel 85469451 Dark pullet 85469452 Silver Crele pullet 85469453 Blue Light pullet head 85469454 Blue Light cockerel head 85469455 Blue Buff Columbian cockerel 85469456 Silver Crele cockerel head 85469457 Light pullet 85469458 Blue Light & Light pullet 85469459 Blue Light pullet stretching 85469460 Mia (pullet) Probably a melanised dark ? 85469461 Mia (pullet) head Probably a melanised dark ? 85469462 Young Blue Light pullet heads 85469463 Silver Crele Cockerel at 9 mths old My "Brahmy" 85469973