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The Brahma and Cochin Club of Australia

How You Can Join our Club

Joining The Brahma and Cochin Club of Australia entitles you to unrestricted access of our website and two newsletters a year. Besides contributing to the promotion of the Brahma and Cochin fowl, your membership fees help to pay for the cost of our website services, our annual show prizes, production of our newsletter and allow you to have a say in the running of the club.

We produce an annual, informative newsletter. Once a year our Annual show is held on the June Long Weekend Canberra, details of this year's `show can be found on our National Show website page.

Click on the link below to download a membership form and post or email the form to the addresses indicated on the form. Membership fees can be paid by direct deposit, check or money order, however direct deposit is the preferred payment method.

NOTE: We reserve the right to refuse membership, and in such instances, membership fees will be refunded if already paid.

​Click on the following link for a MEMBERSHIP FORM

Contact [email protected] for further information.

Please also check out our Facebook group by following the link below.